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Hello everyone Welcome to facts04u.com. I am Jony, the owner of facts04u.com. I have created this website for the health-conscious, meat lover people. On this website, I tried to describe about the animal meats that you like, but don’t know about their positive and negative sides and impact on your health. I have tried to give you the correct information about red meat, white meat and related to these things. Keep visiting my website and keep receiving updates about new posts.

In November 2019 I started this website. I made a query on Google and found that many people are searching to know about the pros and cons of animal meats. Then I made a deep research about the topic and created facts04u.com. I am trying my best to serve you with the best information in the easiest way so that, you can easily understand.
I hope you will enjoy reading my articles. If you have any questions or suggestions then, feel free to ping me up. I will surely answer and serve you with the best.